CALM Collective: Saddle Up

Artists Corban and Anele Lundborg rented a plot of land at Saddle Up Ranch in Southern California to plan their new media company and shoot their first project.

The creative duo have a love for the outdoors and finding inspiration in nature. The two pitched a tent to house them and their equipment over the span of their desert get away.

Saddle Up Ranch is an animal rescue located roughly an hour south of Los Angeles. The rescue was started by an Air Force veteran, and ran by volunteers looking for room and board.

Anele steps out of the tent to help finish camp setup and prep our first night shoot.

While on a hike through the ranch, Corban and Anele found an antique to sit on as they talk about their dreams for their new company.

As they wrapped up their production work for the day, the two were spoiled with a beautiful sky inspired by the sun.

After a long day of strategizing, shooting and adventure, Corban relaxes at the horse stalls during a cool dessert dusk.

After sunset the couple went back to camp to start their fire and prepare dinner. The two grilled steaks over the open blaze accompanied with cold wine as they discuss plans for the following day.

Saddle Up Ranch was blanketed with stars for as far as the eye could see.

Corban Lundborg draws inspiration from the night sky as Anele sleeps soundly in the tent.

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