CALM Collective: LITE Travelers

Photographers Ian Lundborg and Emily Theisen set out on a grand adventure to explore the united states while living in a van.

Corban and Anele Lundborg of CALM Collective set aside a week to drive up to Mammoth Lakes, California to camp with the couple and document their van-life through the CALM Collective lens.

Ian transformed the van into his own tiny home on wheels. The van was previously toured around the country by Corban Lundborg during his adventures titled “Cross-Country COLD”. Corban used the van to travel the country, paint murals and sell art.

Ian and Emily have found great joy living outdoors, without the constraints of rent, bills, and 9-5 jobs.

Ian looks for flat rocks to skip across a glass-like-lake up in Mammoth, California. Since his youth, Ian has loved being outside and exploring the beauty of nature.

Emily unleashes a friends dog before getting ready to soak in the natural hot springs of Mammoth Lakes. To learn more about the couples adventures visit their Instagram at: