CALM Collective: Gratitude

After a casting session hosted by CALM Collective in Hollywood, Galina Slavova (pictured above) was the first candidate chosen to share her story of gratitude.

The team met with Galina in her apartment in Hollywood and Anele Lundborg hosted the interview sessions. The team found that her joyful spirit and determination to live her life to the fullest, despite all that she’s been through, made Galina’s story even more inspirational.

Galina was invited to a photo session at CALM Collective’s studio where she was photographed by Corban Lundborg. Little did she know that the photo session was not just for promotional purposes, but also served as a reference for her upcoming surprise.

One of the important aspects of Gratitude is to document the subjects living their daily lives. Although Galina doesn’t fight professionally, she invited the team to a martial arts gym to document her living out one of her passions; judo.

The photo session mentioned previously served as a reference for artist Corban Lundborg to paint the above portrait of Galina, this was her surprise of gratitude from the CALM Collective team. Galina  was pleasantly surprised to say the least, and was excited to take her gift home.

Galina’s surprise portrait painted by Corban Lundborg of COLD Studio.

View the full episode here:

Produced by Corban & Anele Lundborg | Featuring Galina Slavova| Gratitude Ep.1

Artwork by Corban Lundborg