After a casting session hosted by CALM Collective in Hollywood, Galina Slavova (pictured above) was the first candidate chosen to share her story of gratitude. The team met with Galina in her apartment in Hollywood and Anele Lundborg hosted the interview sessions. The team found that her joyful spirit and determination to live her life to the fullest, despite all that she’s been through, made Galina’s story even more inspirational. Galina was invited to a
Corban Lundborg of CALM Collective was invited to participate on the advanced video team during the 2018 DoD Visual Storytelling Workshop in San Diego, California. The workshop is an annual event for storytellers around the Department of Defense. The team had just a few days to find, shoot, edit and produce a story. The advanced video team linked up with Nathaniel Allenby, founder and entertainer at Cirque Quirk, an entertainment company based out of San
Photographers Ian Lundborg and Emily Theisen set out on a grand adventure to explore the united states while living in a van. Corban and Anele Lundborg of CALM Collective set aside a week to drive up to Mammoth Lakes, California to camp with the couple and document their van-life through the CALM Collective lens. Ian transformed the van into his own tiny home on wheels. The van was previously toured around the country by Corban
The Reason Corban and I took a break from LA city life on Memorial Day weekend to film some footage for our new production company CALM Collective in the woods.  Well, we didn’t know that it would be in the woods when we were traveling to meet his younger brother, Ian, and his girlfriend Emily, who both just recently started full time “van-lifing” together. When we arrived we literally stayed in the woods, no campsite specially dedicated to
Artists Corban and Anele Lundborg rented a plot of land at Saddle Up Ranch in Southern California to plan their new media company and shoot their first project. The creative duo have a love for the outdoors and finding inspiration in nature. The two pitched a tent to house them and their equipment over the span of their desert get away. Saddle Up Ranch is an animal rescue located roughly an hour south of Los