Anele Lundborg: Mammoth Lakes

The Reason

Corban and I took a break from LA city life on Memorial Day weekend to film some footage for our new production company CALM Collective in the woods.  Well, we didn’t know that it would be in the woods when we were traveling to meet his younger brother, Ian, and his girlfriend Emily, who both just recently started full time “van-lifing” together. When we arrived we literally stayed in the woods, no campsite specially dedicated to us, just literally in the middle of nowhere and it was BEAUTIFUL. Granted I wasn’t feeling so well because I had the flu, but the company and the scenery made it all worth the little discomfort I was feeling.

The Feeling

We spent two nights in Mammoth Lakes, a beautiful part of California. I love seeing mountains that look like they go on forever, but seeing snow on the mountains is just a special kind of sight for a South African girl who touched snow for the first time at 26 years old. The open land was another part about being out in Mammoth that I liked. I felt like taking a walk for as long as the grassland would allow.

The Lesson

Being on this journey of my acting career in LA can sometimes leave me feeling like I’m making progress at a snails pace and I feel like that’s how it can sometimes be in any career, especially in your 20s. I sometimes feel like there isn’t much that I can celebrate yet because there’s still so much that I know I’m meant to do, but then I get to go on adventures like this and I’m in awe of what more life can be. Experiences like this make me feel kind of silly for being in my little bubble and corner of the world in LA, where life is just go-go-go when there’s so much more to see, and that’s why I love nature so much, it brings me back home. When I’m in places like this I especially feel my family in my heart, the best part is doing all this with my husband, and I feel my heart’s deepest desires come alive. I am reminded that it’s really about the journey, how I am being moulded and nurtured by the Holy Spirit. It’s like therapy for the soul to just be out in the fields in silence and all I can think is “Look at my life, look at God.” And then I breath and remember to have some fun.